Get Creative With Dollar Tree

    You see that present that is super cute and you don’t want to open? Yeah, that’s from me. One of my favorite  things to do during the holidays is to wrap presents. Usually my family will bring all their presents to my apartment for me to wrap. #joy    That said, I got a little creative this … [Read more…]


Creating  a wishlist from your favorite stores can make your family members or secret Santa’s life easier. I know this would help me because sometimes it’s hard to keep up with every single       family member’s interest. Consider creating the wishlist just to guide you family members   without expecting the items.           I created  this awesome Zaful  wishlist, here you’ll find … [Read more…]

For Sleepy Girls ONLY !

Oh, sNAP ! I have the perfect gift for all you sleepy girls. PILLOWS!! If you are a sleepy girl, you know you  love having tones of pillows to cuddle with. Here are a few of my favorite pillows under $50 that every Nap Queen needs.                  ——————————————- Oh, sNAP ! Tengo el regalo perfecto para las … [Read more…]

Wooden watches are taking over fall fashion!

I’m not a huge fan of watches, but, I’ve realized they can add another level of style to your outfit. Watches are not usually one of my favorite accessories because they are too heavy for my wrist or  rub my skin.  However, I decided to give them a shot. I’ve been constantly wearing a JORD Zebrawood & Champagne  wood watch, and it … [Read more…]

Browsing Around…

  This summer was great! I had the opportunity to visit my family and friends in Calexico, CA. While there, one of my really close friends took me shopping to several local stores this city offers. A lot of people underestimate these places because of the way they look. Others are embarrassed to admit they shop there, to the … [Read more…]