My favorite triangle

Life is too short to wear a boring clutch. I love wearing crossbody or clutch purses, mainly because if I wear a tote or a bigger purse I’ll end up taking all my house with me. Also, if my boyfriend sees me with a big purse I’ll end up carrying his stuff too, not fun (poor shoulder … [Read more…]


Sometimes I get bored of wearing the same dress, shirt or skirt. A new thing I started doing is adding layers to my outfits. I’m not talking about wearing a cute top and adding a cardigan or a kimono, I’m talking about wearing a long dress with a sleeveless turtleneck on top, to give the dress live! … [Read more…]

Choker Sweater

The choker sweater has been a very popular style and one of my favorites. Choker Sweaters are awesome because you don’t have to worry about wearing a necklace or a scarf. The sweater can be worn with jeans, skirts, culottes, you name it. You can also dress it up or down. I wore mine to school all … [Read more…]

White, Bright Smile

Start your year with a White, Bright smile! I know a lot of you guys are obsessed with lipsticks, I’ve seen some girls with cute lippie colors but when they smile their teeth are yellow. Not cute! (I’ve been a victim too) Food and beverages are the main cause of yellow teeth (read more here) and  since … [Read more…]