My story. ..

It is crazy how your life can change in seconds. I injured my lower back and left shoulder at work around a year ago. I never thought this was going to happen to me. I was always super active and independent, and from one day to another I had to depend on people. I couldn’t … [Read more…]

Nature freak…

   Nothing more relaxing than a picnic. I love the fact that you can sit for hours and enjoy nature. I’m a nature freak the only problem is that I’m allergic to mosquito bites (sucks for me ). I remember when I moved to Tennessee  my mother-in-law and I drove all around town just to … [Read more…]

We got spirit yes we do..

It’s always fun to hangout with these three. We had our Halloween spirit on! Who doesn’t right? That’s the first thing you see when you walk in to a store. -daydreamer⛅☀ Me encanta salir con ellos tres. Teniamos el espiritu de Halloween. Pero kien  no lo va tener si es lo primero que miras al … [Read more…]

First baseball game…

 First ballgame! A special thanks to my friend Ruth  for taking me. We had a blast! I didn’t know what to expect because I’m not a big baseball fan ,but I had so much fun.Can’t wait to go to another game!! ( By the way rangers won !!) -daydreamer☀🌻.             … [Read more…]

Defining daydreaming…

Daydreaming isn’t a waist of time! For me it’s that little extra time that’s reminds you of your goals in life. Wanting something and picturing yourself doing it ,it’s a motivation. A daydream that you share with yourself  ,like a little secret of yourself  that you don’t want to share with nobody else ,because it’s … [Read more…]