My Country Side.

Today, I’m sharing with you guys the outfit I wore to my first country concert. I know the Luke Bryan concert was a few months ago, but here it is. The concert was outdoors so I wore jeans and a cute ots long sleeve top. This is as country as it gets for me because … [Read more…]


Hey guys! I know I haven’t posted anything in a while, I’ve been super busy lately. I started my new job last month and I’m trying to adjust to my new schedule, my job requires to wake up super early and I’m not a morning person, boo!! I also moved to Dallas and I am LOVING … [Read more…]

Pink Gal.

Let me interrupt your day to show you this cutie. I’m not talking about me, I’m talking about my pink swimsuit! The ruffle detail is my fave. I love how that tiny detail makes the swimsuit look super feminine. When I was looking for a swimsuit for my trip to Florida, I came across a … [Read more…]

Black and White.

Let me introduce this pretty gal to ya’ll. This is my friend Nicole Nava, she was my co-worker, but she decided to leave me (boo). We decided to do a photo shoot together to show two different styles. Honestly, this is one of the first times I see her wearing pants, normally she wears shorts … [Read more…]