Sometimes I get bored of wearing the same dress, shirt or skirt. A new thing I started doing is adding layers to my outfits. I’m not talking about wearing a cute top and adding a cardigan or a kimono, I’m talking about wearing a long dress with a sleeveless turtleneck on top, to give the dress live! … [Read more…]

Choker Sweater

The choker sweater has been a very popular style and one of my favorites. Choker Sweaters are awesome because you don’t have to worry about wearing a necklace or a scarf. The sweater can be worn with jeans, skirts, culottes, you name it. You can also dress it up or down. I wore mine to school all … [Read more…]

White, Bright Smile

Start your year with a White, Bright smile! I know a lot of you guys are obsessed with lipsticks, I’ve seen some girls with cute lippie colors but when they smile their teeth are yellow. Not cute! (I’ve been a victim too) Food and beverages are the main cause of yellow teeth (read more here) and  since … [Read more…]

Get Creative With Dollar Tree

    You see that present that is super cute and you don’t want to open? Yeah, that’s from me. One of my favorite  things to do during the holidays is to wrap presents. Usually my family will bring all their presents to my apartment for me to wrap. #joy    That said, I got a little creative this … [Read more…]