Trouser that !!

 Fun fact about fashion evolution, thanks to WWI women started wearing trousers. Why ??  Because we are so clever and awesome, women started working in the 1920’s and 30’s (“men jobs“) and they managed to wear their husbands trousers (and keep their jobs) Cool right? But it wasn’t until the 1970’s when trousers became fashionable. Now a days we … [Read more…]

A little motivation…

Just because a little motivation never hurts nobody… [from my pinterest every day motivation board]                              –Daydreamer       —————————————————-Solo por que un poco de motivacion no le hace dano a nadie…[de mi pagina  motivacion de todos los dias de pinterest]                             –Daydreamer      

Born ready!!

is it summer yet?? by tiffanyaaragon featuring yellow sunglasses   Are you ready for summer?? Prepare yourself with some awesome shades.Click on the pic below to shop and prepare for summer, it is going to be HOT!! What’s your style?       ——————————————————  Estas lista para este verano?? Preparate con unos lentes super padres. As click en la … [Read more…]