LUCLUC {wishlist}

Hey guys so here is my LUCLUC  wishlist, I tried to keep it fally  (is that even a word?)  lol oh well hope you guys like it ! Everything in my wishlist is under $50!! *click on the link above the pic to buy it! -Daydreamer——————–Hola chicos aki les tengo mi wishlist de LUCLUC, trate de mantenerla … [Read more…]

Romper love…

Hello my awesome daydreamers If you are one of those girls who doesn’t like to show a lot of skin you’ll totally understand me. To be honest with you guys what grabbed my attention about this romper was the 3/4 sleeve. I really don’t like to show my arms a lot so this  romper was perfect for me. … [Read more…]

LUCLUC [ wishlist ]

Hello my awesome daydreamers!! I recently discovered an awesome online store called LUCLUC. OMG guys!! They have the cutest clothes and accessories for a great price. They also offer you free shipping, plus they are having an awesome labor day sale!! Y’all have to check them out!! (for more details check out their website) I created a … [Read more…]

Simply Chic…

Hello my awesome daydreamers!!  I know everyone is super excited to return to school right?? I don’t start my semester until next Monday (lucky me lol) Anyways, I decided to do a collaboration with a blogger from Huston, TX  Chicpineapple . We wanted to give you guys two different ideas on how to style roman sandals. … [Read more…]


Hi my awesome daydreamers… Did you guys liked the last post? Hope you guys did because this is going to be similar to it. Today my fashion inspiration was the movie Clueless. Who doesn’t love that movie right??  A 1995 film that has been inspiring the fashion industry since then. “as if”  (and yes it is … [Read more…]