Keystone State Park

  You are probably wondering how my birthday trip went, right? Well, it was incredible, we visited our first state park . We decided to visit Keystone State Park, located in Tulsa, OK, just a few minute away from downtown. We booked a cabin without knowing what to expect. I thought our cabin was going to be simple, to … [Read more…]

Birthday on a Budget

Guess what? M y birthday is in two days!! I’m exited because we never celebrate it , mainly because of lack of money. This year my boyfriend is taking me to Keystone, Oklahoma, State  Park. I’m Super happy because we are taking baby Tino with us, and I know he is going to enjoy it. If I … [Read more…]

Proud Daughter of Immigrants

 I  ‘ve been places I never thought I’ll be able to see, or even knew they existed. I’ve had the opportunity to travel, pursue a career, work, visit fancy and not so fancy restaurants, buy stuff that I don’t need, and the list goes on, all this because of my parents. I live and was born … [Read more…]

My favorite triangle

Life is too short to wear a boring clutch. I love wearing crossbody or clutch purses, mainly because if I wear a tote or a bigger purse I’ll end up taking all my house with me. Also, if my boyfriend sees me with a big purse I’ll end up carrying his stuff too, not fun (poor shoulder … [Read more…]