Too long, no problem!!

Hey short girls!! Do you guys have the same problem I do with jeans??   You see the perfect pair of skinny jeans and decide to try them on and everything fits perfect except for the length?? The first thing that comes to your mind is: Why buy them if you are going to have to … [Read more…]

Boyfriend jeans…

 Maybe you are wondering what is the difference between regular jeans and boyfriend jeans let  me tell you…  boyfriend jeans are suppose to look a little bit big on you. The ideal ones are straight leg, but the point is to give the idea that you are wearing your boyfriend jeans (super chic). I got mine … [Read more…]


Lately I’ve been so obsessed with high waist pants!! Why?? Not sure. I’ve always been so in love with Lorde style, she is so effortless chic. Plus high waist pants/ trousers are really trendy this year. It is a must have, your closet is asking for them!! The good thing is that i didn’t had to buy … [Read more…]

Hello what??

 Hello Friday!! just having a Carrie Bradshaw moment.  Who doesn’t want to be her right?? Of course I can not compare myself with her, but let me just have my moment (it is Friday). Enjoy your weekend!! Never stop daydreaming!!! -Daydreamer Lets talk about my outfit:                                                                     Shirt: MNG by mango                                                                     Skirt: H&M                                                                     Shoes: Kohl’s  … [Read more…]

Trouser that !!

 Fun fact about fashion evolution, thanks to WWI women started wearing trousers. Why ??  Because we are so clever and awesome, women started working in the 1920’s and 30’s (“men jobs“) and they managed to wear their husbands trousers (and keep their jobs) Cool right? But it wasn’t until the 1970’s when trousers became fashionable. Now a days we … [Read more…]